How to smooth the transition to remote work

After years of reporting to the office every weekday, it can be difficult to adjust to working from home. Gone are the lengthy commutes, rushed mornings and traffic jams you have grown accustomed to, but somehow, it can be difficult to get into "work mode" without these actions after so many years of the same routine.

Routine can be a powerful force in life, and breaking it can make many uncomfortable and anxious. Fortunately, when transitioning to a remote working arrangement, many aspects of your former routine can be retained. 

LifeHacker suggests that when beginning to work from home, start by doing things exactly as you would if you were heading into the office. Shower, groom, get a good breakfast and get dressed in the same manner as always. While it may not be entirely necessary for working from home, these actions can get you ready to face the day.

Self-discipline and structure are key to succeeding at working from home. At the office, you were protected from the many distractions that could be present at your home. Now, you may be distracted by the family dog, the dust in the living room or perhaps even your bed. To avoid this, set up your home office to resemble your office work station. Don't communicate with anyone you wouldn't if you were at work, and make it clear to friends and family that working from home is not the same thing as being available. 

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