How to Partner with Other Companies to Make More Money

Sometimes the key to more income is partnering with someone to help you make it happen. In business they call this a strategic partnership. The idea being two companies come together to help boost each other’s income and promote one another to their audiences thereby expanding the number of people who know about the two individual brands. Looking for ways to partner with other businesses? Here are some ideas that may inspire your next strategic partnership:

A hair stylist and a makeup artist

– The two business owners could come together to promote each other from their own respective shops or they could create a package for both services. This could be a great package for weddings and parties!

A spa and a personal trainer

– The idea here is taking care of the body. Imagine a package where for every 10 sessions with a personal trainer you get a nice massage. Talk about a nice reward!

A nutritionist and a chef

– Not only are you teaching the best foods to eat, you have a chef prepare them for you to take home.

A car company and a car wash

– When you purchase a new car you get one wash per month for the first year.

A jewelry store and a flower company

– How perfect would this be? For every piece of jewelry you buy from this store you get a dozen roses from this one. Talk about handling special occasions like a boss!

A business coach and a web designer

– Getting a little more out of the box now, but imagine receiving web design services just for working with a business coach or vice versa.

Sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm all the people you know in business. How could you partner with them? The ideas you come up with may surprise you!

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