How to Negotiate

Negotiation is primarily a common means of ensuring one’s expectations of others. It is a means of communication designed to reach an agreement when two or more people have certain interests that are common and others who oppose it.

Negotiation depends on the ability, technique, knowledge and skill of negotiator. The tips of the negotiation vary from negotiator to negotiator. Here are some tips to make you better at the art of negotiation:

1. Agree to begin negotiations:

To open the floor to negotiations you have to first agree to do it in the first place. If neither party is willing to talk about any and all possibilities, then your negotiations are over before they stood any chance of becoming realities.

2. Do not get emotionally involved:

One major mistake many beginner negotiators make is to become too emotional when it to comes to winning. They threaten, shout and demand to get their way. All of this is counterproductive. Most deals are not possible if both parties feel they want to get something out of it. If one side feels cheated or does not like you, they will not budge on their stand. Stay calm, friendly and patient, even if the other person begins to lose their control. Make sure you leave any pride or ego at the door. You are more likely to do well that way.

3. Always be civil:

If it is a business transaction, it is important that you keep it civil. Do not raise your voice. Do not leave the room. Keep calm by presenting your views and taking into account the other person’s response.

4. Carry out some research on previous negotiations:

If you can, research how previous negotiations went with the other party. Are they likely to accept your terms, what are their sticking points, and how you can you work with them to ensure you and they will be happy at the conclusion of your negotiations?

5. Write down your points on paper before you walk into the room:

Negotiating can be difficult. You can creatively think about what you are going to say during the negotiation and write it down ahead of time. This way, you will make sure you have everything you want to say already prepared so that you don’t miss something and feel hoodwinked later.

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