How to maximize productivity while working from home

Offering the ability to work from home has become a popular draw for employers seeking in-demand talent. As technology advances, there are fewer reasons why an employee must perform his necessary job functions from an expensive office space, and organizations that recognize this trend are able to both increase employee satisfaction and save significant overhead. 

To maximize the productivity of remote workers, Fast Company suggests exploring the following methods:

  • Connect with your team: In an office setting, workers have the ability to bounce ideas off of coworkers in their department or grab the supervisor as he or she is walking past to make sure that their work is on point. When working from home, some employees are more hesitant to make contact, as they feel that their email or instant message could be interrupting. It may take some time to adjust, but remote workers should reach out as much as possible to cement relationships and increase coordination. Encourage those who don't want to be bothered to put up away messages or set up certain "quiet" hours when they don't want to be disturbed. 
  • Create an environment that fosters success: When working from home, it can be easy at first to get distracted by laundry or other chores. To avoid these interruptions, establish a "home office" and keep it organized. Treat the time in this space exactly like you would at an office to keep productivity high.
  • Keep building your network: One of the potential disadvantages of working from home is losing touch with your professional colleagues. It is crucial to keep building your network for referrals, access to objective thoughts and others' perspectives, gaining industry related updates and to keep your social skills fresh!

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