How to Land Paid Speaking Gigs

Are you good at public speaking and wondering how you can take your business to the next level by becoming a speaker? Do you also want to learn how to land paid speaking gigs? You’re in luck because we’ve got a step-by-step guide to make your speaking dreams come true!

Start small

You have to crawl before you can walk and baby steps are the key to the big gigs. You could start by volunteering your services. Is there a small group talk where you can have a chance to talk? Go for that. Look for any local networking events around you and speak. With this humble beginnings, start to create a speaker’s resume.

Speak and post in YouTube

Take a short video of yourself speaking and post it on YouTube. Let it act as a preview to help people understand what they may have if the booked you for public speaking.

Speak at trade exhibitions and shows

Most of these gigs are usually done for free, but you can still negotiate payment in kind. For example, request to have your own booth in the expo hall for free or at discount. You could also request that your entry fee and a few additional tickets are comped so you can bring team members or do a giveaway of tickets on your website.

Create a speaker page on your website

If you want to be noticed, then you have to be somewhere where people can find you. Event organizers sometimes have thousands of speakers to choose from, and if you are not somewhere to be found, they will not book you. Make yourself accessible by sharing your website or page links to the world. Make sure that your website contains details such as photography and videos of you speaking, the topics you cover, testimonials from former clients and any engagements you have had before if you have already started speaking. This goes a long way in refining your credibility as a speaker. Also, include a “Book Me” button or form on your website so that it becomes easy for anyone who is interested to hire you.

Speak to other speakers

Speaking with other speakers can lead you to a booking. How? Recommendations and referrals! Just like in other industries, recommendations and referrals work a great deal in building reputation and securing new clients. If a fellow speaker hears of a public speaking gig and they know you personally, they are more likely to recommend you rather than looking online for strangers.

Leverage your network

Nothing works wonders more than a good network. Keep in touch with the right people and network as much as possible in your social platforms. It will be easier for you to know when a chance arises and also for people to approach you when an opportunity comes up, because they know you are seeking speaking gigs already.

Remember, it all starts small, but with time and the right effort, your name in public speaking will grow its popularity. Have your skills sharpened, be in the right place and associate with the right people for you to start securing paid speaking gigs. image source

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