How to keep your business lean and organized

Small business offices are bustling centers where a dozen tasks could be underway at any given moment. In these hectic atmospheres, the ability to stay organized and focused is critical. Not everyone is born with natural organizational skills, but keeping things in order can save employees from stress and aggravation. Below you'll find some expert advice on how to keep your business running efficiently and smoothly. 

  • Tackle office clutter. Go through all the old receipts, correspondence and notes that are taking up desk or cabinet space. Even if workers don't mind a little mess, too much clutter can add to stress and frustration. Search the office for anything unused or outdated, such as broken electronics hidden away in hall closets, and throw out or donate anything you might not need. When the office is clean and organized, workers are better able to focus on their tasks, according to NewsDay.com
  • Create branded documents. Cheryl Luckett, a human-resources professional at a Fortune 500 company, suggests having boiler-plate documents with your company's logo and contact information made. This way, owners can immediately reply to client or customer requests for pricing or policy information. Having these documents handy also reduces time spent repeatedly typing the same information into business collateral.
  • Conquer your inbox. If you are having trouble finding important email in a clutter of unread and non-pertinent messages, it is time to clean house. Organize your inbox so you only see the messages you need to deal with, and archive old messages to keep things neat and tidy. Unsubscribe from any newsletters or automated messages that you no longer actively read, or create separate folders so these messages don't interfere with your tasks.

Sharon Toston from Command Your Clutter says, "Getting organized is a priority for being efficient and functioning at top speed. Once clutter is gone, space is cleared for new energy and new ideas!" Check out more of Sharon's helpful advice at her blog, Tampa Bay Organizer.

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