How to Host an Open House in Your Virtual Business

Hosting an open house in any business is a great way to interact with clients, potential clients, possible partners and others. How can you host one though if you are working a virtual business?

Step 1

Decide on a date and time you would like to host the open house.

Step 2

Contact your virtual office; On Point Executive Center at (813) 350 7800 to secure the room you need to accommodate your guests for your event. Be sure to let us know the details of your event and be sure to include time for setup and breakdown. We have large and small conference rooms available. In fact, we can accommodate up to 100 of your guests at one time open-house style!

Step 3

Once you have secured the space its time to start letting your guests know about this fun event. Create a Facebook event invite, an email invitation or even a snail mail notice. Give your guests at least a months notice prior to the event and encourage them to bring a friend along with them. Need help with these tasks? Remember, we offer Admin Services for just this kind of thing! Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will be glad to offer rates and assistance!

How to Host an Open House in Your Virtual Business

Step 4

Order hors d’oeuvres, buy bottled water, borrow or buy a cooler and prepare any printed materials you may want to hand out about a week in advance of your event.

Step 5

The week of, follow up with folks and see who is coming. Send out an email reminder of the event and ask people to RSVP if they haven’t already done so.

Step 6

The day of the open house get to On Point Executive Center early and set up. Fill your coolers with ice (which can be ordered from our onsite café) and the bottled water and set out your hors d’oeuvres. For your convenience, we have copiers, computers and printers included in your fee or for a small additional fee you can utilize our 70 inch SmartBoard if you would like to show a slideshow during your open house. Then, enjoy your event! Be sure to take lots of pictures to share with your guests and on social media.

Step 7

The next day, after your splendidly awesome open house send out an email to all attendees thanking them for showing up. Let them know if they have any questions how to reach you and remind them of the services you offer.

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