How to Hire an Intern in your Small Business

Are you looking for interns for your small business? You’re not alone! Every year thousands of students enrolled in college courses apply for internships.

It goes without saying; Internships are a win-win situation for both the student and the business owner. While Internships give new graduates a vital foot in the door with a certain company, cash-strapped start-ups get an opportunity to grow their business without spending a lot of money.

Here’s a quick summary of steps required to hire an intern:

1. Think of something mutually beneficial – All potential interns step into the market with different goals. While some want to gain a learning experience, others look to cover their school credit. Therefore, it becomes important to assess your needs, as well as theirs, to create a job description mutually beneficial for both.

Think of big picture elements such as: How can an intern help you achieve business goals? What is expected of them? Do you have the ability to rain and support them? What resources will be required by them? and so on. Be sure to plan well ahead of time and design your internship program to be incredibly professional.

Paid or Unpaid Internship?

The idea of unpaid interns may seem quite irresistible to you, it’s better to know the problems that come with it. The U.S. Department of Labor puts limits on the tasks interns can do under the Fair Labor Standards Act. One, they cannot perform any tasks that contributes to a company’s operations, two, they can only do work that don’t have a business need.

Paying your interns will not only give you and your interns more flexibility, but will also attract more qualified talent for your organization.

Where can you find them?

Begin your search by looking at college students who are energetic and have the potential to contribute to your organization. Speak to professors and other faculty members to spread the word regarding your available internship position. This will help you tap the right talent with less time, effort and money wasted in the hiring process. Place ads online that your company is seeking interns, add it to your social media feeds and on your website. You could also look into job fairs, expos and networking events on your hunt.

Ask your colleagues about their experience with internships. Reach out to a few business friends and ask them if they have ever hired or used an intern? A few conversations could steer you and your intern into a successful working relationship.

Local Colleges in Tampa Bay you can check with regarding internship programs:

– University of South Florida Career Services: (813) 974-2171

– Hillsborough Community College: (813) 253-7000

– Stetson: (727) 562-7800

– St. Pete Junior College: (727) 398-8469

Rasmussen: (813) 246-7600

– University of Tampa: (813) 253-3333

We hope this post has helped you come up with ideas for hiring your first intern.

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