How to boost your brand’s visibility

This blog has previously discussed the power of web marketing in introducing your business to new potential clients. Small and medium-sized business owners can often be intimidated by the process of increasing their web presence, whether through lack of understanding or fear of making a wrong move and being perceived as behind the times. 

To develop an effective online marketing strategy, it is crucial that business owners have an understanding of their audience. Owners who have regular contact with their clients either in store or on assignments should already have a good idea of who is interested in their offerings, but for online businesses this can be more challenging. These businesses should not be afraid of a little trial and error to determine where to focus their marketing efforts. 

While social media can be a great way to learn more about those supporting your business, it can be difficult to begin engaging with your followers. Promotional contests and in-store events are a great way to both boost visibility and gain a better understanding of your business' audience. 

Making videos is also a powerful tool for showcasing your business' offerings. By starting a YouTube channel, which is free for users, your followers are able to see a more personal side of your business as well as learn more about your products or services. Use your most personable staff for actors, and create regular updates. The most popular channels on YouTube update consistently, so their audience knows to keep checking back for more. 

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If you are having trouble staying on top of your business's marketing efforts, considering taking advantage of On Point Executive Center's Virtual Assistants. These experienced professionals can design, print and assemble marketing collateral, stuff swag bags for events or handle customer inquiries as an extension of your business. On Point's services can be customized to fit the particular needs of your organization, while you save valuable time and overhead.

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