How Running A Business Has Changed In The Past 20 Years

The world is changing every day. In the business world, you either change with it or get left behind. For those of you who started your business twenty years ago or longer, you have probably changed just about every aspect of how you run your business. While most of the changes are a reflection of the advances in technology, people are also different than they were twenty years ago.

Twenty years ago, communication was done over the phone or in person. Today you have to be able to compose emails, post on FaceBook, tweet in 140 characters or less, update on LinkedIn, host calls and meetings on Skype, and text message. And you better be able to do them fast! You no longer have to be in the office for customers, clients and associates to be able to reach you. All communication now goes to your cell phone. You can no longer truly be “out of the office”. 

With all the technological advances, things are more specialized than they were twenty years ago. You now need people to help you with social media, marketing, payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, collections, and whatever else your specific field requires. However, thanks to the internet, you can now have experts from all over the world helping you with your business needs.

Another big change from twenty years ago is the office setting itself. Now, more than ever, people are ditching the traditional and going virtual. Your smart phone and your laptop are pretty much all you need on a daily basis to run your business. By going virtual, you have all the advantages of an office without the high costs associated with having them. If you would like to explore whether going virtual would help you, give us a call today! We can customize your plan to meet your business needs.

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