How to Host a Tweet Chat

In business connecting with our customers is a great way to make sure we are meeting their needs and offering the services and products they want. A great way to engage with our customers and potential customers is by hosting a Tweet Chat. But what exactly is a Tweet Chat and how do you host one?

A Twitter Chat or a Tweet Chat is a live event that a company can host on Twitter focused on a single topic. The moderator will typically create a special hashtag just for the event so that everyone participating in the event can filter through all the tweets and focus on just the event’s conversation.

Once you decide you want to host one for your company you’ll need to decide the date and time of your event and create a special hashtag for it. For example, if On Point Executive Center were to host one, we could use something like # OnPointTweetChat. The key is to pick a hashtag that no one else is likely to use so that when you’re filtering through tweets you will know who is in your chat and who is not.

Announce your chat via Facebook, Twitter and even your website. State the date and time and use the hashtag you have created in all of your announcements. Announce the topic as well. If we hosted one ours could be on the topic of how to go virtual in your business.

The day of your chat start tweeting early. Use the hashtag in every tweet you post. Some businesses even do random giveaways throughout their chat to get people to show up and engage. To filter the conversation you can either click your hashtag and just refresh every few minutes or use a free site like TweetChat.com to do it for you.

Throughout the chat ask questions and answer questions and basically just have a public conversation. As an added bonus, follow everyone that participates and ask for a follow back so that you can continue connecting post event. You can also direct people to your website throughout the chat to encourage them to sign up for newsletters and other freebies.

Happy tweeting!

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