Healthier People are More Successful in Business

It may not seem to go hand-in-hand, but it does- healthier people are more successful in business. Entrepreneurs who lead healthy lifestyles are better at self-starting, are more disciplined and they get more work done faster.

We already talked about how exercise can improve your business. If you missed that post, check it out here. Still, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop at exercise. Here’s a breakdown of why being healthy as an entrepreneur is so important:

Business pressures cause anxiety levels to rise and with that physical and mental health issues can appear. Many entrepreneurs have problems with insomnia, indigestion, back troubles and headaches to name a few. These symptoms in many cases are by-products of long term, unbroken strain. In other words, when you put too much pressure on an unhealthy body, eventually you will start to wear down.

Healthy individuals are able to process data quicker, possess higher amounts of energy, have reduced levels of anxiety and depression and are less likely to have other health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease.

What can you do to get healthier in your business?

– Take frequent breaks from your daily grind. Even if it’s not to get up and walk away from your desk, at least take a moment to have a mental reprieve once every couple of hours.

– Drink 64 oz of water a day at the minumum. Not only will you be flushing toxins from your body, you’ll be boosting your immune system and re-hydrating your organs.

– Eat a well balanced diet. Put down the sugary sweets and sodas and instead consume leafy greens, lean proteins and lots of colorful fruits and veggies. Carbs and fatty foods will leave you feeling bogged down by the end of the day, where as nutritious foods will re-energize you while your insides thank you for not filling up with junk!

– Exercise. Yep, we’re going to repeat it. Speaking of which, here are some great exercises you can do during your work day.

May your body be healthy, and as a result, your business be prosperous!

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