Governor Scott announces “Risk Taker Reward” plan

Earlier this week, Governor Rick Scott addressed the media from a Hialeah pipe-supply company and announced his plan to entice private-sector businesses to attempt to solve public-sector problems. Gov. Scott created the "Risk Taker Reward," a $10 million prize for the private company that helps Florida deal with challenges such as water supply and quality issues, transportation and infrastructure and medical breakthroughs in cancer and other diseases, the Miami Herald reports. 

Governor Scott credited his inspiration for the program to the 1927 Orteig Prize, a reward for the first pilot to fly non-stop from New York to Paris. "It's like how Charles Lindbergh went across the Atlantic and he won a $25,000 prize," Scott told the Herald. "This will be a $10 million prize. We'll do big issues that we're dealing with."

The award is funded through both through the state and private companies. The announcement comes as part of Governor Scott's reelection campaign, based on a platform of job creation and bolstering small businesses.

The program also includes partnership with Florida's universities and colleges to create an annual business plan competition. According to a press release, the competition would "incentivize start-ups and innovative businesses" by awarding cash prizes to the best business plans submitted to the contest. Participating colleges and universities could match state funding up to $100,000 to attract the best proposals from around the state. 

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