Go green by reducing heating and cooling costs

Every small business owner knows the frustration of contending with high heating and cooling costs. The process of keeping an office climate-controlled is costly, representing one of the most significant utilities in a company's overhead budget. One of the best ways firms of any size can reduce costs and help limit carbon emissions is to invest in a programmable thermostat. 

Programmable temperature gauges have been around for decades, but recent developments in smart technology have made them more cost effective and user-friendly than ever. One of the most popular offerings on the market is Nest, a sleek and modern interface that improves on old models and provides several functions tailor-made for an office setting. 

"Auto-Schedule will learn when people go in and out of the office," explains the company's website. "Auto-Away will save energy while everyone's gone, Thermostat Lock will keep co-workers from changing the temperature too much, remote control will give you the power to change the temperature from anywhere and Energy History will show you how much energy your workplace uses."

Getting a firm grasp of how much energy and money your company expends on heating and air conditioning can provide a baseline for implementing greener practices. Often, people mistake a lack of air circulation with an office that is too hot. To solve this problem, investing in ceiling fans can raise the comfort level without driving up the cost of utility bills at the same rate as air conditioning. Striking a balance between necessary climate control and energy-efficient solutions can help your business go green. 

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