Giving Your Customers a Peek Behind the Scenes – Why You Should Do It

Content marketing is and has been a successful marketing strategy for virtual business owners. There are many facets to it, but the driving force behind it is customer engagement and trust. One of the most beneficial ways to use content to not only increase your sales but to win customer trust is by showcasing the behind the scenes of your company, brand or product. Let us delve into the benefits of this aspect of content.

Customer Loyalty

Behind the scenes information about your business, whether that means showcasing your employees, the production process, or even your workspace creates customer loyalty. The customer tends to see only the end product. Showing off the human element of your business helps customers to remember the people that run it.

Building trust

People buy from people. Showcasing your business creates an emotional connection with your audience, making your company more trustworthy. You can share the day-to-day experiences in an informal way, which gives your business a personal feel. Photos, articles, a post about the office pet…

Putting a face on the product

Showcasing your business helps your customers to understand the inspiration or motivation behind the product or brand. They get to see the challenges that you overcame as you built the product, the relationships built within the team, and how the team interacted. This way, you add value to the product, and customers will be more willing to choose your brand over your competitors and stay loyal to it. Quotes, case studies, historical events…

More content to get more viewers to your page

The amount of content on your site matters. Behind the scenes is the ultimate way to ensure that you not only have more content on your site, but also diverse content that your audience can interact with. The audience will stay on your site longer, watching the videos, seeing the photographs, or reading the story behind your brand. They will trust your brand and be more easily converted into paying customers.

Customer education

As you showcase your business, you are in essence educating your customer about your brand. They will get to know the values that your business upholds and the effort that goes into building the brand or company. Since they already know how things work, you will decrease the sales cycle, resulting in faster conversion.

Referrals and brand ambassadors

Showing your company’s behind the scenes will create brand ambassadors and referrals. A customer who interacts with the content will be more likely to refer someone else to your company/ brand. Higher prices will be justified

Behind the scenes content will help your clients understand why your company does things the way it does, and why your products and services are priced the way they are. After they see the process, the will typically be willing to pay more because in their mind your pricing will be justified.

The benefits of behind the scenes content cannot be underestimated. They ultimately result in more sales, but more importantly, customer trust, loyalty and higher brand reputation. If you want to succeed in your online business, it is as simple as that: showcase your business behind the scenes.

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