Give your board meeting a makeover with smartboard technology

We believe that company presentations should be stunning, not just satisfactory. Over the years, advances in office technology have made it easier for presentations to be dynamic, interactive and engaging for participants. 

Even within those new models, design leaders have fine-tuned our approach to the aesthetics of presentations. Remember in the early 2000s when slideshows were overpopulated with animation, sound effects, bright colors and gaudy templates? Today, expectations for presentations to be agile and elegant have done away with those conventions, as companies like Apple lead the way with simplicity and negative space. 

One of the most sought-after tools for company presentations is the smartboard. The interactive touch​ screens present an innovative way to communicate important information, and our clients can't get enough. With smartboard technology at On Point Executive Center's office space in Tampa, our clients can harness this dynamic, state-of-the-art platform to communicate their vision to partners and employees. 

Style. At 70 inches, our high-definition Aquos Board makes a striking visual impression on meeting participants. Its display is so bright that there's no need to shutter blinds to our stunning waterfront views. With no glare or fingerprint residue, the visibility is always immaculate. 

Function. The touch​-screen platform allows users to display images, videos, computer screens and multimedia with ease and simplicity. As presenters make notes or additions on the board, the version participants view on their devices is updated in real time to reflect the progress of the talk. Up to four users can write on the board at a single time, and handwritten notes can be converted to text automatically when the presentation is over. 

Compatibility. Our technology is WiFi compatible to allow instant file sharing. A series of ports provide users with the ability to plug in sources for sound and other multimedia, so you won't be limited by compatibility issues. The Aquos Board includes the following solutions for displaying media:

  • Two ports for USB to PC
  • Two PC input ports
  • Two audio input jack
  • External speaker port
  • Two HDMI ports

Accessibility. Members of the meeting are able to save files automatically to their devices, and up to 50 users can access the presentation. By broadcasting remotely, important team members who can't get to the physical meeting won't miss a beat. Important participants can even Skype in to make their contributions face-to-face. 

If you need a presentation platform that will stop shareholders, board members or coworkers in their tracks, look no further than smartboard technology at On Point Executive Center. Contact us today to learn more about rates, availability and additional features that can customize the technology to your corporate needs. Some meetings require professionals to pull out all the stops, and there's no better way to make an impression than a smartboard presentation. 

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