Florida ranks high in job creation

According to analysis of statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida posted the fifth-highest job creation numbers this year. Boasting a 2.9 percent increase in non-agricultural jobs, the Floridian economy topped states like New York and California for overall employment growth.

Additionally, Orlando was ranked first among U.S. cities with a 3.7 percent rate of job creation, and Miami finished fourth on the list with a rate of 3 percent. Orlando's figure was gauged at more than twice the national average over the first three quarters of 2014. The remaining eight cities in the top ten were all in the West, including major economic centers in Texas, Colorado, California and the Pacific Northwest. The data was analyzed by Professor Lee McPheters at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, who noted Florida's impressive showing in a statement. 

North Dakota, which claimed the top nationwide spot for the sixth year in a row, posted a growth statistic of 4.6 percent. However, without a major metro area of more than 1 million workers, the state couldn't place on the list of cities.

Such positive figures reflect on economic prosperity in the Sunshine State. With a rate of 1.3 percent job creation (the addition of 15,600 new jobs), there is still room for improvement in Tampa. However, the city placed ahead of Chicago and Philadelphia, which couldn't break one percent, according to the statistics. 

As civic efforts to innovate public spaces, as well as expansion initiatives at the airport continue to attract attention and visitors, it's yet to be seen how job numbers will pan out in the coming year. The city is in no short supply of projects to advance its regional economy, making this the perfect time to explore Tampa meeting facilities

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