Five Reasons Working Out is Good for Business

We’ve all heard that exercise is good for your health and good for your waistline, but did you know it’s also good for your business? It’s true! Exercising can mean more money in your pocket! Here’s five reasons working out is good for business:

It lowers your stress and clears your mind – When you are working out the only mission is to get through the exercises you’re doing. There are no emails to check, no phone calls to take, it’s just you and your thoughts. It’s like meditation while in motion.

It gives you an overall sense of calm – People who exercise get used to breathing steadily and doing repetitions. These two simple acts help businesses owners to stay calm in challenging situations.

It boosts your immunity – Working out increases your health levels across the board. People who work out are more likely to consume more water and to eat healthier foods. Just the act of exercising along boosts your immunity making sick days less likely, but exercise combined with a healthier diet boosts immunity levels even higher.

It helps you get better sleep – According to the sleep foundation, those who exercise regularly enjoy a 65% improvement in their sleep quality. Since sleep regenerates cells and heals the body, this translates to a healthier you too. Plus, a well-rested worker is going to have improvements in cognitive functions, think better on their toes and perform better than someone who doesn’t get quality sleep.

It can improve your appearance thereby improving sales – As unfortunate as this is, we do live in a vain society. Someone who is physically fit is more likely to sell products than someone not as physically fit selling the same products. Perhaps it is the confidence that comes with working out, maybe it’s just that feeling stronger makes you more assertive, but people in business who work out are more successful than those who don’t.

Have we convinced you it’s time to start exercising? If so, check out our recent post on exercises you can do during the work day!

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