February 9th through February 15th is Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 9th through February 15th is Random Acts of Kindness Week and we’d like to shine a spotlight on a few locals who are making a difference with their noble efforts:

Lily Uline: Kindness Ambassador

What if your mission in life were to show one small act of kindness on a daily basis, just for the sheer joy of knowing that you made someone smile? Well that is just what 10 year old Lily Uline is doing—firmly believing that no one is too young to make an impact on others’ lives. If you watch one of her brief YouTube videos, she shares various ways you can be a little more kind each day. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Lily founded “Make Kindness Count” last year, created her own Facebook page, and has been featured in online magazines. She says, “People tend to overestimate what an act of kindness has to be. I think an act of kindness is doing something a little extra to brighten up someone’s day.” If we all did “a little extra” a lot could be done!

RAOK: The name says it all

Hannah Benton and Brigitte Hodge are the mother-daughter team that recently opened a boutique in Plant City. It’s called RAOK (pronounced “ray-oke), which stands for “Random Acts of Kindness”. In a recent interview Hannah said, “We wanted a fun, positive name…an uplifting environment. We can do so much with it. We really want to be a partner in the community.” They are making good on that name. One day out of each month they choose a nonprofit organization to whom they will donate up to half of that day’s profit. What a way to be both creative and generous!

If you’d like to know more about Lily and RAOK, be sure to visit their respective Facebook pages at the links above.


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