How NOT to Engage in Facebook groups

Facebook groups are all the rage right now. Unfortunately though, many of them have become havens for nonstop spamming and sales pitches. That fact is what prompted us to write this post on how not to engage in Facebook groups as well as offer up our suggestions on how to correct this bad behavior.


– join every group even ones that have nothing to do with your business

– begin posting about your business with links to sales as soon as the admin adds you

– download the member list, friend request each member and add them to your own group

– private message every member with a spammy sales pitch

– post the same sales pitch to every single group you are part of

Now that we’ve covered all the wrong ways to engage in Facebook groups, let’s look at how you should interact.


– Introduce yourself upon being added. Just give your elevator pitch, not your website unless the admin specifically asks you to include it.

– Socialize with the members. Build relationships and learn about each person before a sales pitch ever even enters your mind.

– Upload some photos, videos, and links that are relevant to the group.

– Comment on other member posts and provide feedback where appropriate. Example, if you are in a group that caters to  hairdressers and someone asks if anyone in the group knows of office space available in Tampa feel free to mention if you know of available space.

– Share your business achievements with members when appropriate.

– Stick to social share days to post your facebook page or twitter handle. Many group admins designate specific days that this is permitted. Doing it on days it’s not permitted could get you banned.

Facebook groups can provide a great platform to reach out to a whole lot of people at once. Just make sure that you are there to build relationships and not to spam the feeds. Everyone you meet could be a potential customer or partner, but nobody likes the person that joins the group merely to try and land a sale. Sales can be a goal, but not the main goal.


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