Exciting new arrival to our Tampa meeting rooms!

At On Point Executive Center, we have worked hard to provide professionals in Tampa with space that turns an average meeting into a productive and memorable experience. With that goal in mind, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our meeting rooms: a new 70-inch HD touch screen smartboard.

Boardroom meetings are far too often bored room meetings. On Point's new smartboard is an interactive display system with the potential to revolutionize how you conduct your meetings at our Rocky Point location.

Get ready for your presentations to come alive with:

  • Full high definition and quality sound from two front facing speakers.
  • Instantly sharing images from the smartboard to smartphones, tablets, and laptops via WIFI network to provide instant file sharing.
  • Members of the meeting can even save the files to their devices.
  • Up to 4 people can write on the board at the same time.
  • When you write or draw on the board, the graphics on the participants devices update in real time.
  • Text can be read by OCR.
  • Up to 50 participants can access the presentation.
  • The presenter can use their smartphone as the remote.

The smartboard communicates with your PC or laptop using a multitude of connectivity ports. You can bring quality sound by adding external speakers or plug your audio into the port for the front facing built-in speaker. Here is the breakdown on the connection this smartboard allows you:

  • 2 Ports for USB to PC
  • 2 PC input ports
  • 2 Audio input jack
  • External speaker port
  • 2 HDMI ports

Just imagine the usual client meeting where you go through a presentation and have printed copies of the slides for them to take with them. Now, you have no copies, no binders: a truly paperless meeting.  Just smart technology that makes you look like a multimillion dollar firm with tech savvy and confidence that any business would want to associate with.

The board powers up and is fully functional with just a single touch, so your meetings are ready to begin as soon as you are. Any notes written on our board can quickly and easily be converted to standard text, allowing you to take your ideas and turn them into neat and legible minutes that can be shared with all participants with just the touch of a button. The screen is glare free and hides fingerprints for easy viewing. The brightness of the LCD screen enables it to be viewed in daylight. No more closing the blinds and turning off the lights.

Make your business come alive and be the envy of the boardroom by using our state of the art 70-inch HD touch screen smartboard.

Pricing is only $45 an hour unassisted, or  $95 an hour with Karen running the board and controlling the monitor while you concentrate on the presentation itself.

The Aquos Board also makes On Point the perfect location to make presentations to clients or stakeholders. The impressive capabilities and interactivity are sure to wow any audience, whether they are in the room or across the country. For example, the Aquos board allows for effortless switching between various input sources, meaning that you no longer have to compile all collateral on a single machine or pass around a tablet to different speakers during your presentation.

At On Point we are always looking to help your organization gain the competitive advantage. Come see how you can use this revolutionary technology to your benefit at one of On Point's Tampa meeting rooms.

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