Emerging industries growing businesses should consider

Florida's economy is carrying a lot of momentum these days, and a lot of it has to do with the growth of small businesses and startups. The trend is happening all over the Sunshine State, from Miami to Tallahassee to Tampa Bay.

However, before entrepreneurs begin diving in to be their own boss and offer a service or goods that is better than the current competition, do a little digging. About 69 percent of American businesses start at home, so establishing a space to complete daily tasks is important, according to Investor Ideas.

Another thing to keep in mind is the industry that your business would be entering. How competitive is the sector in the community or state? Inc. Magazine highlighted markets that have the most potential this year, as well as in the near future. Inc. found that these sectors have plenty of room for growth and demand because "they are consistent and making solid gains."

Green Construction

In many parts of the country, especially Washington D.C., construction companies are designing commercial buildings with eco-friendly amenities. Research found that green structures have a lower vacancy rate than typical offices, according to the Washington Post. Taking into account tax incentives to add solar power and energy-efficient appliances, this is a popular and cost-effective way to break into the real estate sector.

Mobile Health

Rural and urban communities alike can benefit from this innovation. Patients can contact their physician via a secure server and update them on their health, MedGadget explained. This alternative saves patients and practitioners resources in the long run. This market is estimated to value more than $10 billion in five years.


More Americans are becoming aware of their health problems, so they are leaning toward eating better products. Ranging from dark leafy greens like collards and kale to grains like quinoa, coconut oil and flaxseed, demand is expected to soar in the near future once the public at large becomes more aware of the health benefits of eating "superfoods."

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