Embracing Rejection in your Virtual Business

Many successful business executives did not get where they are without their share of rejections or failures. In fact, if you ask most of them today, they will likely tell you countless stories of rejections they overcame before they got their big break. While it may feel deflating at the time, powering through rejections with a smile on your face could be the key to your business becoming the success it deserves to be. So, how can you not only handle rejections, but embrace them in your virtual business?

1. Don’t take it personally – Rejection can make you feel like you have been rejected personally, but you must remember that it is not you being rejected. In most cases, the person is simply saying your services or your product don’t meet his/her needs. If the rejection is not need based, it could be a financial issue or a product that does not appeal to this particular individual. Who knows? They might like your product more than one of your competitors and end up being a future customer. But there are more aspects of a company than just likability that factor in to purchasing.

2. Learn from it – Every project you undertake presents an opportunity for you to gain feedback. Rejection is just another form of feedback. If you fall short on closing a business transaction, try to focus on the reason for the failure. This is a good time to see what worked and what didn’t in your sales pitch. You can determine this simply by asking the person rejecting your goods/services why they said no at this time. It could simply be a matter of cost or it could be an issue related more directly to your business.

3. Adapt As a business executive, it is important to adapt your proposals to match the information you get from rejections. Think of it like this: the word no is actually an acronym for next opportunity. Is there something you can do differently with your next prospect? Search for your next no and the next one and the one after that because after a few bouts of hearing the word no, you may stumble upon exactly what you need to get a million yeses!

4. Be kind to your business and yourself When a person rejects you, it’s important not to beat yourself up. Let it go and move forward. You must not allow yourself to dwell on the fact that someone said no because this will lead you to fearing rejection rather than embracing it. Focus on your successes rather than your failures. Remember that there are people out there being positively affected by your goods and services.

Do not give rejection the power to stop you from moving forward. Rather, use it as a catalyst to propel your business ahead. In the end, what matters, is not how you got rejected, but how you were able to recover from rejection. Instead of falling backwards, use the momentum and spring forward.

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