Elements of a Great Presentation

We’ve all been victims of a boring presentation at one time or another. But, what makes a presentation go from good to great? It helps if you are a confident, strong speaker, but is that all you need? Below are some elements of a great presentation that you should use the next time you have to present to a crowd.


The content of a presentation is the speaker’s words. It is the “script.” It includes key ideas, overall structure and flow of the presentation (introduction, middle and end), word choice, using stories, metaphors, analogies, humor, and rhetorical devices. The content is the basis of a great presentation, because no matter how great the delivery people is, if the content is irrelevant to folks, they will tune out.

Body language

Our bodies are one of the main tools we use in presentations and communication in general. Humans are hard-wired to respond to the body language of others. Your posture, eye contact and movement help to communicate much about what we are thinking or feeling. Standing tall, making eye contact and moving with a purpose can go a long way to convey confidence. If you are more intentional about your body language you can do much to influence how you are seen, but also have the benefit of impacting your way of thinking and feeling from the outside-in.


Although our voices are produced by our body, usually the voice and body language is discrete, because like body language, human voice conveys a whole lot of information. Speed, inflection, tone, rhythm, volume and use of pauses in voice can make or break a presentation. In general, the speakers are most attractive when they include some variety in the timing and inflection of their voice, speed and volume.

To get an idea of the power of voice, you can watch a good TV show or movie and pay attention only to the voices of the actors. Great-great actors and presenters use the full range of subtleties in their voices to convey and engage their audience their information and feeling.


Authenticity has to do with the speaker’s self-conscious about what is really vital to them, and how they communicate the inner truths transparently. Authenticity is conveyed through the voice, the content and the body, trust is the basis of any relationship. The reason for this is because all presentations involve a relationship between a speaker and their audience. One of the most fundamental tips for effective presentation is to think of your presentation as a relationship with the audience and as a conversation.

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Use Technology to your Benefit

Many great presentations include the use of Power Points, videos and music to drive key points home. When you present something visually and with speech, audience members are more likely to retain and pay attention to the knowledge you are giving them. If you will be making your presentation at our offices at On Point Executive Center, you might want to take advantage of the use of our smartboard. This 70-inch HD touch screen smartboard communicates with your PC or laptop using a multitude of connectivity ports. You can bring quality sound by adding external speakers or plug your audio into the port for the front facing built-in speaker as well. Read more about our smartboard here.

We also have a projector available for your use in your presentation! A projector and screen are available for a nominal charge fee. Traditional screens, white boards, or LDC Panel Flat Screens are utilized for projection.

Choose a Good Location to do your Presentation

A wonderful way to ensure your group will show up and be attentive is to host your presentation in a good location. On Point Executive Center is centrally located in Tampa making it a fabulous location to bring in people from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa. Learn more about our location here and our rooms available to rent by the hour here.

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A key way to improve your presentation skills

One important thing that will help you to develop your presentation skills as a speaker is evaluating other speakers is regarding these elements. If, you are watching a colleague or an actor, pay close attention to each of these elements. Know what works or does not work for their content, body language and voice? Choose one of the elements and pay attention to it.

The better you know each of these elements, the more fluent you are watching them, the more easily you can develop your presentation skills and help others to develop theirs.

Would you like more help in developing your presentation skills? If so, we strongly suggest Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. They have been helping individuals to develop their public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback in local clubs since 1924. Click here to learn more about Toastmasters!

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