What Are The Elements of a Good Business Card?

With most business being done digitally, you might think business cards aren’t necessary anymore. But, a business card is really a map to opportunity.  What are the essential elements of a good business card? What should be on it? How should it be designed? What should be left off? Outlined below are some things to consider when designing your business card, whether you work with a designer or create your own.

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1.Simple and AttractiveA good card is sleek and attractive. Lose the clutter, drawings and crazy effects in favor of a simpler card that just tells people what they need to know. Speaking of which…

  1. Include the Important Information – The purpose of a business card is to give information, right? At the most basic level, a person needs to know the name of the company, telephone number, title, website address and email address, of the card holder.
  2. Good Design is Important It’s worth hiring a designer. You may not spend as much money as you expect. Consider it an investment. Good business cards will help gain your next contract or the next customer, which will pay you more than the amount you used to hire a good designer.
  3. Great Business cards have a front and a back – If your card is only one sided and is at a desk with the blank side up, that does not get anyone’s attention. Instead, use both sides and include social media info or just a a catchy design with your company name.
  4. Do not skimp on the paper – An attractive business card is like a handshake. It should be firm, not fragile. Be deliberate about your choice of paper. Don’t just pick up the stock offered by the printer, which usually is driven by price.
  5. Unique shapes or sizes can get your business card thrown away Recently, the trend in business cards was to use a unique shape and either be larger or smaller than typical business cards. If the design is deliberate, well thought out and consistent with its brand, it can work. But there is always a risk that if it doesn’t fit in a rolodex or business card holder, it will be thrown away.
  6. Grammatical Errors It may be obvious, but cross check all information. Spelling and grammar errors ruin your card! It shows that you are not prepared and can send wrong signals about your business to your clients.

A good business card is your chance to make a good impression, again and again. It is a visible reflection of the values of your company and can be the first experience a person has with your business. Keep it simple, spend time in design and include the necessary information needed to get in touch.

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