Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales

It’s no secret that in business your number one goal is to make money. If you’re selling though, how can you boost your numbers? Here are five ways to easily increase your sales without even breaking a sweat!

1. Stop trying to sell to everyone. This may seem obvious and yet it’s an area where many entrepreneurs miss the mark. Your product or service is simply not for everyone. You wouldn’t try to sell sand to a man in the desert would you? No. Start targeting your niche. Not sure who your niche is? Think about the ideal customer for that product. Who really needs this item? What problem does it solve? Once you get 100% clear on your ideal customer and then go find them selling will be a thousand times easier.

2. Upsell. You already have your customer on the hook. More often than not you can easily persuade them to buy just a little more. The most commonly used example of upselling is “would you like fries with that?”

3. Ask for referrals. There could be potential customers you didn’t even think about and simply asking for referrals gets you and your business on their radar. Plus, people are more likely to buy on a referral because odds are the referral came from someone they know and trust.

4. Offer an incentive. Free shipping, discounts on bulk orders and free promotional items with purchase – simple things like this can boost sales big time. Just make sure that you aren’t hurting your profit margins with the incentives you are offering.

5. Speak in simple terms and make it clear what you’re selling. One reason many people don’t buy things is because they don’t understand why or how it could benefit them. Breaking it down and explaining exactly why people need the product or service in their lives can be the difference between a no and a yes.

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