Data security of the utmost importance for virtual offices

With the increasing popularity of flex work options and telecommuting, entrepreneurs enjoy many benefits like reduced overhead costs and better worker productivity. However, conducting business across a disparate network of computers and wireless networks can open companies to unique security vulnerabilities. 

Recently, the U.S. Postal Service shut its telecommuting arrangements with professionals working at its headquarters in D.C., in an effort to contain further breaches following a major hack earlier this year. Last week, reports surfaced that mergers and acquisition details for healthcare tech firms had been compromised, as well. In a climate of predatory cyber criminals, virtual office managers should be particularly diligent about enacting security measures to protect company data. 

"This isn't like other agencies that have mass employees working from home or from alternate locations with no work station assigned — our employees have cubes or offices assigned to them on a permanent basis," said Sue Brennan, spokeswoman for the USPS.

Although the agency observes limited flex arrangements, a private network of data sharing expanded beyond internal networks to allow users to work from home. When one considers the vast number of personal computers and wireless networks employees use to work from home, an organization cannot be too cautious about adopting security systems. In the case of the mergers and acquisitions hacking, low-tech methods like password discovery allegedly opened corporate data networks to hackers. 

Investing in sophisticated firewall protection can help a virtual office operate across many locations without interruption, but something as simple as fortifying your company's passcode requirements can keep confidential records private. The recent hacks stand as a reminder to telecommuting operations that security is of the utmost importance to companies with tentacles across the country and around the world. 

On Point has proudly used the same IT company for nine years. They securely move every tenant into our suites and are aware of the devices they are bringing into our office environment. Our network is secured by a segregated firewall which is managed 24/7.

In addition to data security, On Point is secured by an access card system for building entry, a security guard, locked double doors, code entry into two doors and a camera system.

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