Cost-conscious web marketing tips for your small business

For small companies, creating awareness of a new product, service or event can be intimidating. There are dozens of outlets, but which ones are most effective? Small businesses must value and make efficient use of every hour, and most simply do not have the time to master every social network. To maximize time spent on web marketing, follow these simple guidelines to success.

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly: A recent Google/Nielsen study found that 59 percent of consumers visit a business's website when conducting a mobile search. Consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to provide information on where to shop, eat and relax. 
  • Know your audience:  Gabrielle Karol, a small business columnist for Foxbusiness.com, suggests focusing on the networks where your clients are. Is your target market students or millennials? Regular posts on Instagram and Facebook would be effective. Looking to make contact with businesses and professionals? LinkedIn would prove to be the best choice of network.
  • Monitor online reviews: The internet has given every customer a soapbox to express their experience with your business. Obviously, you want to strive for customer satisfaction, but it is not always possible to please everyone. If a negative review makes it online, respond positively and directly to the customer's concern. Professionally apologize and respond with how your company has taken action to fix the issue. 

With more than 30 years helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their goals, On Point Executive Center knows the demands on the time of the small business owner. On Point's virtual office services have receptionists who can schedule appointments and place orders for you, and even help with marketing campaigns by making custom grab bags, water bottles and other marketing collateral. 

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