Client relations are key to sustained success

Ultimately, it is the strength of an organization's customer or client relationships that will define its success. Customers do more than just drive revenue and grow your business. They can also become evangelists of your brand and help to create new income opportunities. When an organization is in touch with their clients' needs, they can better anticipate changes in market conditions and stay ahead of the competition. 

Often, customers will have short memories. Even if your organization made a great initial impression, it is critical that you seize further opportunities to strengthen and temper that relationship. As Entrepreneur.com recently explored, this can be possible even for those businesses that operate on a tight budget. 

An easy means of keeping your organization in the mind of customers without breaking the bank is through email marketing. Entrepreneur.com advises distributing an email newsletter that "includes tips, advice and short items that entice consumers and leave them wanting more." Not only does this enhance client perception of your organization's market knowledge, recipients may also forward the newsletter to other interested parties or host it on their company's blog, providing endorsed exposure to possible new clients. Some of our favorite online email utilities include Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Robly.

Organizations also need to network effectively to promote growth. If a new possible contact is made, it is important to open channels of communication early. Even if they don't require your services at the moment, acting now can make them think of your organization first when the need arises.

On Point Executive Center has more than 30 years combined experience in the Virtual Office and Executive Suite industry, and can provide organizations with the Tampa receptionist service that reduces overhead while strengthening client relations. The receptionists at On Point will enhance your company's brand, give you more time to focus on what you do best and and save full-time staffing costs.

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