Chris Ducker’s 3 Lists to Freedom

Chris Ducker is known amongst virtual business owners as the go to guy for all things outsourcing in your business. His goal is to give entrepreneurs back their time so that they can focus on the things they really want to do while outsourcing the tasks that really don’t light them up. Wondering what you should be outsourcing in your business? Chris has an awesome 3 list process that will help you determine the first things you should be delegating to virtual employees as soon as possible.

1. Get out a piece of paper and draw three columns on it.

2. On the top of column 1 write “Things I Hate Doing”, column 2 is “Things I Can’t do” and column 3 is “Things I Should Not Be Doing.”

3. Now let’s break these columns down so that you know what to put in each of them:

a. The things you hate doing- you know the tasks that you simply can not stand doing. This could be invoicing and accounting or just handling your social media updates.

b. The things you can’t do are the tasks you just don’t know how to do. They need to be done, but you’re not skilled in them. Think things like web and logo design or editing videos and podcasts.

c. Finally is the list of things you should not be doing. These are things like removing spam comments from your facebook page or blog, managing emails and booking flights.

4. Once you have your three lists of items, now you know where to get busy outsourcing.

A word of advice- start with the things you don’t know how to do because learning how to do them will take you too much time.

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