Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month

If you are stumped for what to eat for lunch we’d like to suggest an ooey gooey grilled cheese. Why? Well, to be honest April is National Grilled Cheese Month and we couldn’t help but notice the posts on social media of warm toasted bread filled with the golden goods.

Depending on which website you’re reading the basic history of the grilled cheese is unknown, but the sandwich rose to the height of its popularity during the Great Depression. These days, people still happily consume grilled cheese sandwiches because they are part comfort food, part just downright delicious.

If you want to celebrate national grilled cheese month here are just a few of the recipes we found around the web. After looking at them you might find yourself salivating, then either making one or ordering one. That’s okay as long as you promise to share with us here at On Point Executive Center!

The Pioneer Woman aka Ree Drummond’s Best Grilled Cheese Ever

What we love about this grilled cheese is it’s not your average grilled cheese sandwich. Swap the white bread for rye bread, then add chiles, mayo, Dijon mustard, tomatoes and a combination of cheddar and provolone and you’ve got one awesome sammie. Get the whole recipe and how to make it HERE.

Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Move over pasta! This time we’re using the pesto on bread! This yummy sounding sandwich features provolone and cheddar with a healthy dose of pesto. Our stomachs are officially growling. Is it lunch time yet? Get the recipe here.

Rachel Ray takes it Gourmet with her Eggplant-Parm Grilled Cheese

Some people need a heartier sandwich and this one definitely steps up to the plate! Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggplant, Italian bread, tomatoes and basil leaves- can it get any better than that? Get the recipe here.

An Unconventional Take- The Inside Out Grilled Cheese

Apparently this is a thing. We didn’t know this, did you? If cheese inside the sandwich wasn’t enough the inside out grilled cheese now adds cheese to the exterior as well. More cheese, bigger smiles? You be the judge! Learn how to make it here.

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