Why Business Owners Should Write Books

Want more credibility in your business? Looking for a way to stand out in your industry? Need a way to educate your ideal customer? You should write a book! In fact, every small business owner should make a plan to write a book or multiple books.

Non-fiction authors tend to have more credibility. It takes a lot of research and effort to write one and doing so lets everyone in the world know that you have done that research and genuinely know what you are talking about.

Having a book allows you to tell the world what you do and get your message out there to people you may not have otherwise had a chance to meet or that may not have been able to afford your services. Denise Duffield Thomas said in one of her podcasts that a common complaint she received from potential coaching clients was that they couldn’t afford to work with her. So, she wrote her book as a way to get her knowledge out to the masses at a price that she knew they could afford. Of course, she still offers her in depth coaching programs at the full rate, but now more people can at least get an idea of what she is teaching for the price of a week’s worth of lattes on the way to the office.

Not everyone has written a book that is your industry. Talk about an opportunity! Writing a book will help you stand out. If two professionals have the same credentials, but one has written a book proving they know their stuff- who would you trust more? Which one would stand out in your mind? Exactly!

Plus, now is the best time to write a book because the barrier to entry of the world of book publishing is virtually non-existent these days. You can create a PDF of it that you give away for free on your website or you can even sell it through a digital platform like Kindle. Even our VP of Sales and Marketing here at On Point Executive Center has written a book! Check it out here.

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