Bringing more excitement to your company meetings

As a manager, if every time you call a meeting, your employees walk towards the conference room like children heading to time-out, then it could be time to review how you are organizing your events. Entrepreneur.com suggests taking a lesson from an old adage for performers: open strong, close strong. 

  1. Provide a jumpstart to the proceedings: If you want your team energized and ready to contribute during the meeting, then it is important to set the example from the moment they walk through the door. Employees will always look to leadership for cues on how to act, and if they see that their management is fired up and ready to engage, then they will mirror theses cues. 
  2. Don't ignore the big picture: If meetings have derailed in the past, employees may have trouble understanding how this meeting will help them reach their goals. While it can be easy to get caught up in details, it is important to occasionally relate the current subject to the greater mission of the organization. Explaining how the subject being discussed will benefit the team at the onset of the meeting can improve engagement.
  3. End on a positive note: Avoid letting meetings meander to a close. Managers should have strong closing remarks prepared, that reflect on the meeting's goals and the progress that has been made. Using this as an opportunity to provide recognition or praise is beneficial for building a positive office culture, and letting employees know that their accomplishments do not go unrecognized. 

If your company meetings have grown stale, often a change of location can liven up the proceedings. On Point Executive Center provides Tampa meeting areas at our beautiful Rocky Point waterfront location, and can help you prepare and set up the room for maximum productivity. 

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