Bring your Business Back from the Walking Dead

Trick or Treat fellow business owners? Today, we’ve got 3 tricks to bring your business back from the Walking Dead. If you’re business has had more in common with zombies lately, then pay attention so it can rejoin the land of the living! (image source for top image)


5 Tricks to Bring your Business Back from the Walking Dead 5

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1. The first step with any resuscitation is to assess the situation and determine what could be causing your company’s incapacitated state. Is it that your company lacks fresh blood, er we mean clients? Maybe it’s just that your creative juices have stopped flowing? Do a full workup on your business and write down everything that is no longer working in your business.

5 Tricks to Bring your Business Back from the Walking Dead 2

2. After you have fully assessed what is killing your company, grab the defibrillator and put some energy back into your business. CLEAR! What can you think of that would re-energize yourself and/or your employees to get excited about the company again? Can you think of something new and enticing to bring new clients through your virtual doors? Could you offer something additional with your goods or services to translate into new sales? You may realize that it’s time for some intensive surgery to remove the elements that are plaguing your company. (source for image)

5 Tricks to Bring your Business Back from the Walking Dead 3

3. Once you have brought the company back from the dead give it some lovely cosmetic enhancements. After wandering around in a zombie like state anyone could use a fresh coat of paint. For example, you could redesign your website, update your logo, create some fresh content and makeover your social media pages. What do you think you need to do to polish your brand and breathe new life into it? As soon as you come to a conclusion, do that! (source for image)

If your business is struggling to survive, you might just need a few minor fixes to bring it back to life or you might need double bypass serious surgery. The good news is if you believe in it and are willing to put in the work, no matter what stage of decomposition it’s currently in, you can bring back your business from the Walking Dead!

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