Boosting data security on a small business budget

In the wake of the recent Home Depot security breach, organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to improve their data security practices. Target is still suffering damage to its reputation from the massive breach it experienced over the holiday season, and even underwent a dramatic change in leadership and processes as a result of the event. Even if there isn't much room in your budget to invest in security, there are ways to decrease the likelihood of your organization's sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Ideally, all members of your organization should receive at minimum a basic training on security best practices. Managing risk is a critical aspect of security, and following proper protocols can dramatically lower your organization's vulnerability. 

Training employees on the risks of using public Wi-Fi, appropriative storage processes for sensitive data and the importance of updating their software regularly can significantly lower the chances of a breach occurring. Making sure that all employees are able to recognize malware and know not to open suspicious emails or programs on company devices is important for keeping client and organizational data secure. 

If you are concerned there already may be an issue, hiring a security consultant may be necessary. These professionals can also perform a security audit of your processes, attempting to gain sensitive information without your knowledge but reporting to you on their findings. 

Lowering your organization's overheard costs can also free up additional resources that can be invested in further security measures. By switching to a virtual office solution, your organization can make sure it is prepared for any eventuality. 

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