Boosting Blog Post Conversion Rates


Blogging is a great way to get eyeballs on your website. This much is true. The problem though lies in the fact that for many businesses, these eyeballs are not sticking around long enough to actually buy anything. How can you convert visitors into paying customers? Here are six ideas to help you boost your blog post conversion rates:

1. Create a call to action. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make on their websites is not including some kind of a call to action. Something as simple as “call us today!”, “send us an email to learn more about our services”, or even “click here to learn about our packages and see if they’re right for you” is all it takes to inspire a visitor to do something.


2. Use a lead magnet that your ideal customer would want. Let’s say you’re a financial advisor looking for new clients seeking a retirement plan. Your lead magnet could be an eBook with your top 10 tips on saving for retirement. Then, at the end of the book you would include another call to action with something like “Are you ready to start discussing your plans for retirement? Give us a call at (XXX) XXX-XXXX today!”


3. Provide high quality and engaging content from the start. Just because you figured out a way to get visitors to your site doesn’t mean they are benefiting from visiting. Give them a reason to stay there once they arrive such as an informative post about something they will genuinely care about.


4. Link to other posts within your blog. The longer a customer sticks around your site the more they get to know you and develop a level of trust for you. This also makes them more likely to share your content, inquire about your services and share your services with other potential customers.


5. Be friendly in your tone. If you come off as rude in your copy then you’ve lost the customer before they even had the chance to learn what you are selling. Be honest and speak in terms people will understand. The more you humanize yourself in your text, the more people will like and trust you and therefore, the more they will like and trust your company. Kindness will always prevail.


6. Cross promote your posts. If you post a blog on your website be sure to post the link to the blog on your social media. Each social post will broaden your reach, touch more readers and help share your message.

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