The Best Way to Brainstorm for New Ideas for Your Business

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you should always be coming up with new ways of doing things or develop new products, so you remain relevant and competitive in your niche. But, what is the best way to brainstorm for new ideas for your business?

People recommend different ways of brainstorming for new ideas and based on all the research out there, it seems that the best one is to effectively do a brain dump of your ideas onto paper. So, what exactly is a brain dump? Essentially it is sitting down and taking pen to paper and writing down every possible thought in your head. For some people the best way to do this is to grab some dry erase markers and write them all out on a white board. Others prefer to do it with a notebook. You have to choose what’s best for you.

A brain dump (sometimes spelled braindump, or braindump) is a complete transfer of accessible knowledge about a particular subject from your brain to some other storage medium, such as paper or your computer’s hard drive.

You can start by putting a theme at the top of your board or paper such as “Ways to make more money” or you could simply sit down and let your thoughts free flow until you can’t think of anything else. Apart from helping you come up with the best new ideas, a brain dump also helps you combat the feelings of chaotic thoughts and overwhelm. Why? Because you are finally getting all of those things you know have been swirling around in your head out of there!

Think about it- when you push too much into a bag what happens? Eventually it explodes everywhere. Let your mind explode onto the page and then see what you have come up with. If you’re like most people a theme or pattern will emerge leading you to the perfect path of what to do next in your business. If not, then what you have written down may spark an idea that wouldn’t have come out if you hadn’t let it out. The goal is simply to release it all and then wade through what you have unleashed.

We would write more on this topic, but we’ve got to go do our own brain dump. Who knows? Some of our ideas might just end up on this blog! Until next time, keep brainstorming fellow virtual entrepreneurs!

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