Best practices for working from home

According to the Telework Research Network, over three million professionals in the U.S. work from home for more than half of their working hours, and 20 million work form home at least once a week. This represents a 76 percent increase since 2005, and with advances in technology, the trend is still on the rise.

Although employees appreciate the flexibility and lack of commute involved with working from home, it still poses particular challenges. For a professional that has worked exclusively in an office setting, it can take some time to adjust. In response to the growing trend, Forbes magazine recently explored exactly what makes a work-from-home arrangement successful.

  • Keep work and home life separate. Often, friends and family can confuse working from home with "not working right now." Be clear about the hours that you are committing to your work, and communicate that interrupting your work at home is just like coming to the office and disrupting work there.
  • Organize your home work space. Forbes suggests designating a location in your home as your new office. This space should be away from temptations such as the bed or TV, and have appropriate storage for all work-related collateral. Keep things organized in this space, just as you would your desk in a physical office. 
  • Stay current with means of communication. Now that face-to-face conversations will be rare, it's time to brush up on the latest ways to stay in contact with management and coworkers. Cell phones, instant messaging and virtual meeting software such as Skype are important tools in the remote worker's arsenal. 

Of course, even if you plan on working from home exclusively, there will still be a need to meet with clients and coworkers in a professional setting. On Point Executive Center offers waterfront Tampa meeting rooms that are available on an as-needed basis. This is the most convenient and cost-efficient means of working from home while still maintaining a professional appearance. 

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