Benefits of Pets in Your Home Office

If you have a pet you already know how much fun they can be. If you don’t have a pet and run a virtual business this post may just make you consider getting one. Why? Because there are many benefits to having a cat or dog in your home office!

– They reduce your stress levels. Studies have shown that just being around pets and/ or talking to them will lower your blood pressure and heighten your sense of calmness. Having them around is like therapy for you. If you have been suffering from a bad day just the act of petting or playing with your pet for a few moments can instantly take that frustration away.

Benefits of Pets in Your Home Office 2
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– They take away that lonely feeling. When you work from home it can get pretty lonely. Just looking at your dog or cat will make you feel like you’re not alone.

– They make you feel good. Petting your home office animals increases your serotonin and dopamine levels which are those feel good chemicals in your brain that decrease depression and increase happiness.

They increase your creativity. Your dog is most likely going to need to go out a couple of times throughout the day anyway, so use that time to take a 15 minute break and go for a walk. Not only will this boost your fitness, it will also force you to step away from the computer and that brief time away can sometimes generate those “aha” moments of creativity that you have been seeking! Cat owners- if you want that creativity boost grab some cat toys and play with the cat. There’s no rule that says you can’t take 15 minutes a couple of times a day to run around the house with laser pointers and pieces of string!

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Don’t want a pet, but still want some of the perks? Watch a silly cat or dog video online. Think about it – have you ever been able to look at one of those goofy videos and keep from smiling? Odds are you got a big grin on your face or even a serious chuckle out of it and before you know it your stress levels are going down and you’re feeling good too. Just don’t watch too many, you’ve got work to do after all!

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