Beating the Loneliness of Working Virtually

There is a dark side to working from home and its loneliness. Still, for most people the idea of working in an office just to beat that loneliness isn’t worth it. So how can you get the best of both world and beat the loneliness while still working virtually?

– Schedule in person meetings! Sometimes this is enough to get the lonely worker out of his/her funk. Instead of a phone call, email or Skype session you could meet in a virtual office like the one here at On Point Executive Center to get some people interaction.

– Go to lunch with friends or colleagues. Don’t spend too long at lunch because this can become an addiction that takes over work time, but a weekly or every other week lunch out could be just what you need to squash that loneliness!

– Network with local groups. Networking events are not only a great way to tame the loneliness; they are also a fantastic inexpensive way to spread the word about your business and tap into potential new clients.

– Start a mastermind group. Are there other like minded individuals you could hang out with to boost each other’s businesses up and bounce ideas of each other? If so set up a monthly or quarterly meeting to hang out and discuss goals. Can’t do it in person? Set up a virtual one. Sometimes just feeling a connection whether it be in person or virtual can give you the same amount of satisfaction and keep loneliness at bay.

– Get out to community events after work is done. Whether you join a yoga class, partake in karaoke nights at your local restaurant or sit in on a local Meetup for a cause you are passionate about the main goal is just to interact with others. Besides, blending things you enjoy with people interaction will help you make deeper connections that help stop loneliness even faster.

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