Avoiding Business Owner Burnout

Ah, burnout. You think the day will never come when you don’t want to work on your business. Still, inevitably there will be moments that make you wonder why you started this business in the first place. How can you keep going when all you want to do is give up?

Check in with your body. Are you getting enough sleep? What about exercise and proper nutrition? Nothing causes burnout faster than trying to run full speed ahead with no gas in the tank. Sometimes all you need is one solid night’s rest to get back on track and some yummy and healthy meals to keep your energy levels up. Check out our post on exercises you can do during the work day. Also see why working out is good for your business.

Take a look at your daily tasks and see if that is where the problem is. You may simply be trying to do too much. Are there tasks that you can outsource? At On Point Executive Center we have a full array of services we can provide such as social media posting, addressing and mailing marketing materials or thank you notes, and receptionist services specifically designed so that you can stop wasting your valuable time answering the phone and onto other things.  Remember, repetitive tasks are trainable tasks.

Admin Appreciation Day

There’s a chance you’re simply too much of a perfectionist. For some entrepreneurs the problem is that they are trying to do too much for too little, i.e. working 40 plus hours on a project that could have been done in half the time. Because our businesses are so personal to us we often become nit picky and go too far with wanting everything to be perfect when it’s not necessary. This is not to say you should start skimping on quality, but maybe scale back on the perfection a tad.

Perhaps you just need a vacation. We recently posted about how important it is to take time off from your business. Check out that post here.

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