Author Benefits of Being in a Book Fair

On Saturday, September, 17, 2016, On Point Executive Center will host its second annual book fair. We’ve already started promoting the fair and have booked several local authors and publishers, but as of the time of this writing there’s still plenty of room for several more to join us. If you have a book and are looking for a way to promote it, this might be just the event you have been seeking. Still, there are more benefits to participating in a book fair, than just promoting your book. If you’re on the fence, here are just a few reasons you should consider signing up today:

Networking with other authors: What better way to get to know your fellow literary colleagues than at an event filled with them? You might find your new best friend there! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find someone to do co-promotions with at a later date, or even someone to co-write a future book with you. Or, perhaps you’ll learn a new way to promote your book you hadn’t thought of previously from one of your new literary friends.

Inspiration: Sometimes just the simple act of being around other authors and/or seeing things they have written can inspire a new book.

Potential for media coverage: When local authors team up to host an event like this, it is pretty much a guarantee that at least one or two media outlets will pick up the story. Any media on site the day of could catch wind of your book and potentially feature it. In fact, should the media ask us for a specific genre author to feature in advance of the big event, there is the possibility of coverage there too.

Opportunity for instant income: While you’re there promoting your book, why not sell a few copies? Believe it or not, people do attend book fairs with the intention of finding a new book to buy. This is why it’s so important to have a great table display. The great news is that the 2016 Book Fair is being hosted at the WestShore Plaza in Tampa…on a Saturday. Your works will be displayed to not only the guests we invite, but to all the shoppers who visit the mall on that day.

Social media exposure: Getting out and spreading the word about this fabulous book you have written can go far beyond the date of the fair. You can promote the fact you’ll be there in advance and then share all of the images from the day well after the fair has ended. If you take any pictures with buyers, fellow authors, etc… you can then tag those images to reach an entirely new audience as well.

Have we convinced you that participating in the fair might be in your best interest? If so, click here to learn more and to sign up for our exciting event! We can’t wait to see you alongside us at the 2016 On Point Book Fair.

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  1. Maria says:

    Being in events like book fairs certainly benefits everyone, most especially authors and even would-be authors.

    All the best to those make it to the book fair. I’ll watch out for other upcoming events.

  2. I’m not an author, but I used to be a bookseller. I’ve been to Book Expo twice, and it’s an exciting, overwhelming and exhausting event. I think I might enjoy a smaller book fair where there’s actually a chance to see everything.