Are You Bringing Green to Work with You?

energy star bring your green to work

We’re loving the interactive graphic on the Energy Star website all about bringing green to work with you!

Click this link or the image above and you will be taken to their site to learn all the ways you can take small steps in your business to save energy. Every where you see a star, click it and learn more. For example, when you click the computer screen you’ll learn about power management settings that will save energy. Not only can this help our planet, this can translate into a lower electric bill. Talk about a win-win scenario!

Or if you click the blinds you’ll learn when you should close the blinds in your office and when you should leave them open. The simplest actions can add up to a big difference.

What’s your favorite energy saving tip from the interactive graphic? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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  1. My favorite tip was about the lamps. Switching to the CFL bulbs saves so much money over time because they really do last forever! I also like how much brighter they are than traditional light bulbs!

  2. Barry Joyce says:

    A very interesting read, thanks

    As a health and safety teacher, this is a great to pass onto my learners.

    I look forward to reading more great tips in the future #‎blogboost‬

    All the best


  3. Alexis James says:

    I liked the tip about the cell phones. People leave their cell phones plugged in long after their phones are charged not realizing that this is not just wasting electricity, but also killing their battery. Once it’s charged up, unplug it!