5 Ways to Watch a Movie in 2015 Without Going to a Movie Theater

Watching movies is a good old-fashioned form of entertainment, but going to watch a movie at a movie theater seems to just keep getting more and more expensive. The good news is there are plenty of ways to watch a movie without going to a theater. Below are just five options for theater cheep and free movie viewing.

Head to a local watch party – Here in Tampa Bay one way to watch a movie is to head to Clearwater’s Sunsets at Pier 60. Every Friday and Saturday with the exception of holidays they show family-friendly flicks completely free!

Redbox at homeFor less than $2 you can choose from dozens of new and old flicks. The best part? You can pause! You can also sign up for their Texts and Emails to get codes for free and discounted rentals.

Stream them on your computer or TV – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast– there are so many options to stream movies and you don’t even have to leave the house, let alone change out of your PJs! One of our owners, Karen Gillman says, ‘ROKU is the best option for endless free child appropriate tv shows and movies’. ‘There are very few programs on TV available for young children. ROKU offers full access to PBS, AMAZON PRIME, and hundreds of other child friendly channels. The ROKU box costs less than a one time $50. And hooks into our TV which connects to our router. It sounds much more complicated than it really is. It’s basically plug and play’.

DVD Swap with Friends and Family – If you prefer owning a library of films perhaps you could set up a DVD swap with friends and family that have their own library. A cool tip we read is to take a picture of the person with the DVD they borrowed with your phone so that you can keep track of who has what.

Host your own movie night with friends – You can either rent a clubhouse (some complexes let you rent one free if you live there) to accommodate all of you. Another option would be to watch under the stars at a park or even on the beach. With laptops having better quality than ever before you don’t even need a DVD player to watch flicks on the go. The truly inventive can even set up their own movie theater on the lawn.

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