5 Things Every Virtual Business Owner Needs

If you have been considering starting a virtual business, you may be wondering what types of things you will need to set up shop. Before you compose a long list of supplies, equipment and software you need to purchase there are really just 5 main things you need to start and run your virtual business.

1. Your laptop: Your laptop essentially is your virtual office, your filing cabinet, your word processor, your design studio, your gateway to email and the internet. How can you run a business from your computer without a computer? Oh, and the reason you’ll want it to be a laptop instead of a desktop is because in the virtual business world there will inevitably come a time when you will need to take your work with you and you can’t do that if you’re tied down to a desktop.

2. A reliable internet connection: A virtual business can’t be run without an internet connection. You need it to maintain your website, write and send emails, process orders, etc… Plus, if you ever have to do a video call with a client or employee having a bad internet connection will make the call all but impossible.

3. A cell phone or a phone answering service: Without a phone, how are your customers, vendors and team members going to reach you? Sure, they have your email address and know your website, but what if they need a real time conversation that is too urgent to wait for an email response?

4. A great business idea: Let’s face it, without a really fantastic idea, your business is doomed from the start. You must create a business people actually want. No market means no sales and no sales means no business.

5. The desire to start: Without the willingness to begin a business, you won’t ever have a business. You must get into the right mindset of being a business owner and prepare yourself to be your own boss. It’s not always easy, but it’s a very rewarding experience.

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