5 tech gadgets we love

At On Point Executive Center, technology is at the heart of the services we offer. From SmartBoards in meeting rooms, which turn boring PowerPoints into engaging, interactive presentations to virtual office services, we appreciate the power of gadgets and platforms to transform business-as-usual.

We're living in a time when the latest tech product can reinvent the way we connect professionally, in person, online and in the cloud. Technology can overhaul the way we drink coffee, charge our mobile devices and interpret social media data. 

We've found that the best way to meet the challenges of doing business in 2015 is to lean into emerging technologies. Companies that resist the transition to more high-tech communication and business techniques risk falling behind the times.

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are six tech gadgets we love:

Apple Watch ($349)

The rise of wearable gadgets or "wearables" has been exciting to watch, and this timepiece stands to integrate communication, scheduling, media consumption and other features into our daily lives. Many of us are inseparable from our iPhones and iPads because we rely on them for so much. 

With wearable technology, the features we've come to love and depend on from mobile devices will become part of our outfit. Google Glass encountered hurdles for being clunky and more than a little creepy, but the smart watches Apple will release this spring look stylish and functional. With 34 designs, Apple has never given us so many aesthetic options. 

Flapit Counter ($299)

We've all seen the NASDAQ and NYSE counters that have been featured in stock trading offices for decades, and we love a good update. The Flapit Counter connects through WiFi and mobile devices to display tweets, Facebook likes, YouTube hits and other social engagements in real time. For an office, this can be both a design element and a useful tool for staying on top of social activity. The retro concept fits the everything-old-is-new-again mantra of tech innovation. 

ChargeHub ($60)

As the cubicle issues its death knell, more professionals are working from community spaces with many computers, mobile devices and monitors displaying information. Design has also moved in the direction of concealing ports and outlets, so it might be challenging to find a surge protector or extension cord to plug your USB charger into.

ChargeHub is a seven port charging station that allows several devices, and several users, to juice up their favorite gadgets at the same time, from a central location. Its simple design makes it a must-have for any common workspace. 

Qumi Q5 ($650)

In the past, setting up a projector for a presentation has required rolling carts, heavy lifting and extensive tech support. With the Qumi Q5, you can carry around high-resolution projecting capabilities in your pocket.

The 6.3 x 1.3 x 4.0 inch design makes the gadget sleek and lightweight, perfect for bringing a presentation to a client or partner's office. Users can project files from a USB drive or an HDMI adapter for computers and mobile devices, making it perfect for corporate presentations or the company movie night. 

Nespresso Citiz ($249)

How much money do your employees waste at Starbucks? In 2015, give them the gift of an office espresso machine to fuel their creativity and help sustain sanity around the office. Nespresso's Keurig-style pods guarantee a perfect cup every time, and accessory gadgets make steaming milk barista-style easy. The chrome finish makes a stylish addition to your break room or office kitchen, making a bolder statement than your outdated coffee pot. 

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