5 Places for Free Business Lessons

Marie Forleo is famous for saying that in business “learners are earners.” The trouble is that for most small business owners they are usually already having trouble making ends meet and couldn’t even begin to think about coming up with the money to take business classes. The good news is that not only is it the best time to be a small business owner, it’s also the best time to be learn something new because thanks to the internet there are loads of free classes available for anyone and everyone willing to look for it. Here are five places for free business lessons:

Udemy – Udemy is one of the fastest growing platforms for online courses taught by people who actually work in the industry they are teaching about. Classes can run from $10 to $499 and up, but if you have a topic in mind you want to learn about such as marketing click the tab for marketing on their courses page or search for it via their search courses box and then change the pricing from default to “low to high” and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find at least one course for free. At the time of this writing there were more than 120 FREE courses in subjects that run the gamut from blogging and social media to how to sell on eBay.

iTunes University – You’ll need an iTunes account, but with iTunes University you will have access to business classes from top universities such as Yale, Standford, Cambridge and more. What kinds of business classes you ask? Everything from beginning entrepreneurship to economics 101!

About University – At About University you will have access to a plethora of free online courses from About.com. Each online course is sent to you via email on a daily or weekly basis and is designed to help you learn a specific skill or solve a particular problem. The only unfortunate catch here is that the site has recently been inundated with advertisements.

Podcasts – Pretty much every topic in business has a podcast these days and a simple search such as “business podcasts” will give you plenty to choose from.

Youtube – Of course, an oldie but a goodie is Youtube. Search the page for business lessons and you will find hundreds of videos. The more specific your search the more likely you are to find exactly what you are looking for.

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