5 offices we love, and why we love them

Here are some of our favorite offices around the world, and why we love them so much:

Capacity: Burbank, California

Why we love it: Capacity is a design and branding firm whose office perfectly blends old and new design. Clean, minimalist lines and cool colors are offset by furnishings that might belong in an old-world cigar den. We love the harvest table for company meals and meetings, and the juxtaposition of earthy wood tones with modern shades of blue and purple. 

What they say: "[Capacity] wanted to use the opportunity to infuse their brand into the space and create a healthy environment that supports the familial culture of their studio. The space is programmed around three distinct environments, work, gather, and play."

Grow Marketing Design: San Francisco

Why we love it: Forget the masculine edge of Mad Men's offices. This marketing firm in San Francisco combines flirty design elements with old-world charm. With an unabashedly feminine color palate, daring details like leopard print and superb highlights of the building's original fixtures, we cannot say enough about this inviting, immaculate space. We've stared at this office for an hour and can't stop finding drippy, impeccable, genius things to love. 

What they say: "The office has a colorful, multifarious feel that keeps their staff motivated and celebratory.  The space that they have created exudes their culture and mindset, with the collaborative workspaces and gathering spots such as 'the nest', 'parlor' or 'grove.'"

Ubiquitous: Manchester, United Kingdom

Why we love it: From the Edison light bulbs to the perfect white tile backsplashes, this space looks like the best musk-scented candle you've ever bought. From playful touches like a hanging bicycle to wall lettering that evokes the most enticing speakeasy of the 1920s, warm browns define this textural, dapper office. 

What they say: "For us the office shows that creativity runs through everything that we do, and that while we may be a digital advertising agency, we take inspiration from a wider world. We think our clients appreciate this."

Google: Tel Aviv, Israel

Why we love it: Much has been written about Google's California office, but we found this entry in its corporate campuses the most exciting for its stunning use of plants. Indoor plants, outdoor plants, trees, plants in pots, plants on ceilings—the list goes on. With unique nods to the history and culture of Tel Aviv, the unforgettable tile work and laid-back atmosphere make this space one of our favorites. 

What they say: "Each floor was designed with a different aspect of the local identity in mind, illustrating the diversity of Israel as a country and nation. Each of the themes were selected by a local group of Googlers, who also assisted in the interpretation of those chosen ideas."

NPR: Washington, D.C. 

Why we love it: As the home of popular and award-winning broadcasts and podcasts, you'd never say that NPR's headquarters have a face for radio. The bright, open, ambitiously modern design re-assert the medium's presence on the cutting edge of media. Color-blocking and recessed lighting give this office a bold, memorable authority. 

What they say: "Hickok Cole Architects has designed the 330,000 square foot build-to-suit headquarters for NPR. NPR intends to be involved in the local community by utilizing the common areas for public events. The fiscally responsible design provides an eye-catching building while re-purposing an existing four-story historic structure"

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