5 More Business Uses for your Tablet

Did you see our recent post about 5 business uses for your phone or tablet? If not check it out here! Now that you have seen those 5 uses, we have 5 more business uses for your tablet.


1. It’s a memo pad. There are dozens if not hundreds of apps you can download to your tablet to jot down important memos and ideas. In fact, some people use these apps to help them in writing books! Our Vice President of sales and marketing here at On Point Executive Center used an app to help her in writing her book It’s Never Too Late. Check it out here!

2. It’s an on-the-go accounting system. With apps such as Quickbooks or Mint you can keep track of expenses, bank account balances, invoices, sales and so much more. You can also plug in your budget to see how you’re doing for the month or year so you know whether you are doing great in the income department or if your company needs some improvement.

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3. It’s a mobile meeting device. Whether you want to do an one-on-one meeting via Skype or host a large meeting via an app like GoToMeeting you can do it all on your tablet. Gone are the days when you have to fly hundreds of miles to see a person and chat with them about the latest and greatest things happening in your business. Just turn on your app and see them in real time.

4. You can use it to track inventory. Do you have a large stock that you have to keep track of? Create a spreadsheet via Google Drive and you can access that sheet anywhere that has Wi-Fi. Here’s an awesome bonus- you can also share the sheets with your employees so that if they need to keep track of stock on the go they can!

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5. Use it as a digital portfolio. (Image source) If you are in a creative business such as graphic design, photography or web design and need to show people your work on the go you can save images and screenshots of your work into your tablet to share at a moment’s notice. Standing in line at Starbucks and someone asks how they can see your work. No problem! Just pull out your tablet and voila! They can instantly see if they like what you can provide.

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