4 ways to focus while working from home

Working from home is a luxury many modern professionals enjoy, as the ease of telecommuting makes it possible to be productive from a remote location. In many industries, telecommuters have been shown to post better productivity numbers than their swivel chair counterparts, but that doesn't mean your bedroom, living room, kitchen or home office aren't full of diversions and distractions. Here are four ways to cultivate discipline in your work-from-home routine:

Get out of the house. In "working from home," "working" is the operative word, not "home." If your house cat or premium cable tempt you away from the grindstone, try getting to a public space with Internet access. Coffee shops and even public outdoor spaces can give you the change of scenery you need to hunker down. Expansive public WiFi along the Riverwalk and other public parks could transform beautiful bay views into your virtual office in Tampa.

Set attainable goals. Experts say keeping a log of your daily goals and accomplishments helps keep the lightly-managed worker on task. With the power to design your own work pattern, telecommuting also comes with responsibility. If your company has trusted you with a long leash, you're obliged not to stray too far from the pack.

Suit up. This suggestion may sound heretical to telecommuters who love to work in their pajamas, but on days you feel stuck, try dressing like a member of civilized society. Drawing firm lines between your professional and recreational lives at home can re-frame your day.

Time your breaks. Keep yourself accountable to a schedule that allows the personal time you need in a given workday. A little Facebook or Netflix might be a welcome respite from your job, but limit it to one episode of House of Cards. 

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